Ashoka Delhi Dal Makhani 280g


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Ashoka Delhi Dal Makhani

A traditional slow-cooked rich curry with black gram and red kidney beans ‘Ashoka’ – The World’s Leading ethnic Indian Foods brand brings to you a complete range of ready-to-eat Indian delicacies. Each recipe, conjured by master chefs, brings out the rich aromatic flavours and tastes. Great care and meticulous detailing are essential ingredients of every recipe. Delhi Dal Makhani is a mild vegetarian dish with black gram beans and tomatoes blended into a thick richly sauce. Ideally served as a main dish with jeera pilaf (cumin rice), naan bread or chapatis. Chilli rating – mild Ready to eat Made in sunflower oil Just heat and eat Microwaveable in 2 minutes Gluten-free. No preservatives 100% vegetarian Suitable for vegans

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